MIL-SPECProduct Identification Company is registered in the SAM database under Cage Code 8T775. We are a supplier to the Defense Logistics Agency and we maintain BPAs (Blanket Purchase Agreements) with several military bases. We have are a certified supplier to several prime government contractors and sub-contractors.

The following non-inclusive list is the military and government specifications that we commonly meet:

Mil-M-43719 (Self-adhesive Markers and Decals) Mil-DTL-43719D

Type I = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Type II = Repositionable Adhesive

Mil-P-19834 (Aluminum Foil .003″ thick)

Type 1 = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Type 2 = Solvent Activated Adhesive

Mil-P-15024 (Aluminum, Brass & Stainless Steel)

Type A = Etched & Color Filled (.030″ minimum thickness)
Type E = Printed (.030″ minimum thickness)
Type G = Aluminum Foil
Type H = Metalphoto
(With holes .020″ min. thickness)
(With adhesive: .012″ – .025″)

AMS 7290 (Aerospace Decals) – (CANCELLED June 2009) use A-A-59485 or mil-m-43719

A-A-59485 (Aerospace Markings and Decals)
Fed-Std-595 (Standard Colors and Gloss Levels)
Mil-Std-130 (General Marking Guidelines – U.S. Military Property)
Mil-Std-129 (Military Marking for Shipment and Storage)
Mil-P-514 (Etched Aluminum and Metalphoto .020″ thick – Cancelled in Feb. 1996)

Composition A, Class 2 = Aluminum
Composition C = Metalphoto

A-A-50271 (CID replacement for Mil-P-514)
GG-P-455 (Photosensitive anodized aluminum foil)

Type 1 = Metalphoto
Type 2 = Photo Etch

Mil-A-8625 (Anodic Coating Spec for Aluminum)
A-A-59485 (Aerospace Markings and Decals)
UU-D-171b (GSA Decals)
NSA-2H (Nameplates and Markings)

MIL-STD-130 contains general specifications for label creation, including the use of barcodes and serial numbers.