Graphic Overlays

GRAPHIC-OVERLAYSGraphic overlays (overlays) are a decorative and often interactive form of product identification. They are prominently displayed on the following types of products:

  • Instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Computers
  • Control Systems

Many times the overlays aid in the function of a product through features such as LEDs and tactile buttons. Enhancements that we offer include abrasion resistant finishes, selective texturing, embossing and window clear LEDs that are adhesive free.

The overlays that we make are printed by either screen printing or UV ink jet digital printing. Screen printing is the best choice for higher quantities with a relatively small amount of spot (solid) colors. Digital printing gives us the ability to print full-color overlays in any quantity. In either case, all of the overlays are printed on the underside (sub-surface) of transparent material. This makes them both chemical and scratch resistant.

We have the unique in-house capability of being able to make our own steel rule dies that we use to die-cut overlays. Since everything is controlled in one facility, we are able to reduce lead-times on initial orders while ensuring that our customer’s drawing requirements are met. Our dies are able hold tolerances as tight at +/- .005”.

In most cases, the overlay is the first thing a user sees when they use one of the products mentioned above. It is therefore crucial that the overlay is printed and die-cut cleanly and inspected thoroughly so that the finished product looks pristine. We take this responsibility seriously and we are extremely proud when we see our overlays being used in the field.


Stock Materials & Adhesives

  • Lexan® (Polycarbonate) .005 to .063” thick
  • 8A35 – velvet textured finish top with gloss print side
  • 8B35 – velvet textured finish top with matte print side
  • 8010 – window clear; gloss on both sides
  • HP92 – window clear with hard coat finish to prevent scratches
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3M Adhesives

  • 467MP – 2 mils of 200MP adhesive
  • 468MP – 5 mils of 200MP adhesive
  • 9471 – 2 mils of 300 series adhesive
  • 9472 – 5 mils of 300 series adhesive
  • 9472LE – 5 mils of 300LSE adhesive